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Helping Military Personnel Advance Their Careers

Ed4Mil understands and appreciates the service military men and women give to our country. That is the reason we are here to help them with their career advancement. Our trained Military Education Specialists provide personalized guidance and support throughout their entire educational experience. Ed4Mil is an encouraging live resource, assisting applicants through the application process and helping them obtain records, maximize benefits and determine the course program that best helps them attain their career goals.

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Ed4Mil Provides Resources and Opportunities

Live seminars are conducted nationwide to current and retired members of the U.S. Military as well as their families. At these seminars, we discuss educational opportunities that are in high demand and introduce potential students to the affiliated school that best fits their interest. Our wide variety of online courses includes categories such as electrician, private investigation, certified personal trainer, criminal science, and many more. The right education provides students with the opportunity to work in a field they love. Our highly interactive online courses keep students engaged while providing them the flexibility they need to balance work, family, and education. Additionally, in order to help our valued military members pay for education; we inform them of the educational benefits they may be entitled to.

One-on-One Guidance and Support

Ed4Mil employees understand how complex this entire process can be. We are dedicated to ensuring that our students' educational experience is successful and rewarding. Specifically, our trained Military Education Specialists counsel students throughout the entire online experience and help students in any way that we can.


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